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magic@yourhome - english Online Show


magic@yourhome - the new virtual online show

Imagine you would pick a book from your home library, choose a word from one of the pages and Nicolai Friedrich, who is thousands of miles away, reads your mind and reveals this very word.

Sounds impossible? Well, it?s not?

New, virtual and interactive - with his latest show "magic@yourhome", German mentalist and magician Nicolai Friedrich has created a mind-blowing digital experience. Nicolai is one of the world's leading mentalists and magicians, who has been thrilling and enchanting audiences worldwide. His new virtual show makes it possible for people to safely enjoy phenomenal magic from the comfort of their homes during lockdown.

If you can't go to the theatre, just let the show come to you! Live via Zoom, Nicolai reads your mind, makes unbelievable predictions and astonishes his audience with a unique performance. In order to get actively involved and witness the magic at home, participants receive an exclusive ?Mystery Package? a few days before the show. Anyone with a streaming-capable device and a stable internet connection can join the digital show for an unforgettable experience. 

Following numerous successful online shows with more than 60,000 viewers in Europe and Asia, 

Nicolai will open up "magic@yourhome" to a wider audience by launching his first virtual show with international shipping option of his exclusive mystery package in English this May.

Since international shipping will be available for the ?Mystery Package?, Nicolai invites a global audience to join the show. The scheduled timing will allow for a thrilling after-dinner event in Europe while enabling US-based participants to join during lunchtime.

Participants can choose between three ticket categories:

Premium tickets - include the physical ?Mystery Package?, which will be sent to you via postal mail (only bookable up to 7/14 days prior to the event). The interactive participation takes place via Zoom.

Basic tickets -  provide viewers with a selection of the props in a digital format. Access to the live show via a streaming-only platform (e.g. YouTube) without a connected sound and camera transmission. 

Each ticket is valid per household and for participation with one device. 


To ensure a timely dispatch of the ?Mystery Package?, please note that Premium tickets are only available for purchase 7 days before the show for customers within the EU; and 14 days before the show for international customers.

An individual access link will be sent to you by E-mail at the latest by 12:30 pm (CET) at the day of the event.

Duration of the show: approx.90 minutes

Important notes

Gift shipping option:

If you would like to send the ?Mystery Package? to an address other than your billi

Nicolai Friedrich

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