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General Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction and jurisdiction
These general terms and conditions are for the distribution of entrance tickets through the company Print Your Ticket GmbH, Müllerweg 23, Schaafheim to the customer for any kind of events from various organisers on the website www.printyourticket.de or through artists, event organisers, event locations, or other portals that are integrated with Print Your Ticket online shops (subsequently marked Print Your Ticket). The general terms and conditions also apply to the distribution of entrance tickets to customers over our telephone customer service. The telephone numbers for customer service will be clearly communicated over Print Your Ticket online shops. We keep the right to change these general terms and conditions at any given time and would like to remind you that they are put into power with the publication in our Print Your Ticket online shops. Decisive for the validity is the state of the general terms and conditions at the time of ordering. Any deviant conditions of the customer that do not have our clear written agreement cannot be recognised.

2. Contractual relationships
Print Your Ticket is not the organiser of the events offered and only works as a distributor of entrance tickets. We sell the tickets in the name of the organiser and a contractual relationship is set up between the event organiser and the customer. As the commissioned distributer of entrance tickets, we are in charge of the order and payment completion of the customer for the event organiser. We would like to remind you that any terms and conditions of the event organiser may additionally be valid and be part of the contract. With the ordering of tickets, the customer in commissioning solely Print Your Ticket with the completion of the ordering of tickets including their shipping.

3. Conclusion of contract
The customer can choose from the events offered on www.printyourticket.de or any other online Print Your Ticket shop. The choice is made when the customer clicks “confirm” in “my basket” and hereby puts his or her choice in the virtual basket. The contents of “my basket” can be viewed at all times. Before the completion of the order, the customer can view and check the relevant information about the order. The order is finally confirmed when the customer clicks on “payment”. With the order, the customer is binding himself or herself to the contractual offer.

Print Your Ticket sends the customer an automatic order confirmation per email with an order- and customer number. The order confirmation contains all relevant information about the order. The order confirmation documents that the order of the customer has been submitted to print Your Ticket and, at the same time, confirms the acceptance of the order on behalf of Print Your Ticket. Furthermore, the customer has the opportunity to call up all relevant information of the order to his or her customer account on www.printyourticket.de or to have this information communicated written, vocally, or per telephone upon request.

4.  Payment and price components
All ticket prices on Print Your Ticket online shops include value added tax. The price of the ticket may be higher than the printed price on the ticket. During the purchase of the tickets, pre-sale-, booking-, and shipping fees are gathered, which can vary depending on the event.
The total price includes all fees and is to be paid immediately after the completion of the order. Until the payment is complete, tickets are the property of the organiser. The customer is obliged to return the tickets in the event of the reversal of the payment and must also pay any shipping fees. The payment can be pursued though different methods.

When you buy tickets from Print Your Ticket, the maximum amount of tickets that can be bought are limited. This maximum can be viewed on your page and checked during transaction.
If a customer manages to exceed the maximum numbers of tickets that can be bought, we have the right to declare the tickets as invalid without advance notice.

5. Shipping and delivery
The customer can choose from a variety of shipping options on our Print Your Ticket online shops but also through our customer support. After the completion of the order and payment, the shipping of the tickets with the shipping option of your choice takes place. The shipping of tickets follows immediately after the receipt of payment has been sent via email. Additionally, the tickets can always be viewed online in the customer’s account. The shipment of hard tickets usually takes place 2 working days after receipt of the payment.

6. Return policies
After the completion and confirmation of every order through Print Your Ticket, the customer is obliged to keep the tickets. Since Print Your Ticket services distributes tickets in the area of entertainment events, distance selling is prohibited, according to § 312g Abs. 2 Nr.9 BGB (German Civil Code). Therefore, a legally foreseen two-week return policy for the customer for so-called distance selling is excluded.

7. Cancelling of event, relocation of event, and loss of entrance tickets
If there is a cancellation or relocation of the event for which Print Your Ticket is working as a distributor of tickets, the rules of the event organiser apply. The demands of the customer for the return of entrance tickets and the refund of the price should be exercised by the organiser. The decision as to how this takes place is up to the event organiser.

As long as the event organiser organises the refund of the tickets and the revenues are returned to Print Your Ticket, Print Your Ticket will be in charge of the return of tickets and their price to customers.
Since the cancellation or relocation of the event is not the fault of Print Your Ticket, Print Your Ticket takes no responsibility for the refund of pre-sale-, booking- or shipping fees.

If the customer is able to truthfully show that the tickets were bought, Print Your Ticket will, after permission from the organiser, issue a replacement ticket. For the purpose of credible proof, booking receipts, order numbers, as well as an ID are necessary. Any shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.

8. Regulations for commercial use of ticket
It is prohibited to commercially re-sell tickets bought from Print Your Ticket, which are marked by the Print Your Ticket online shop or at a ticket agency.

9. Special requirements for the Print Your Ticket online ticket
A Print Your Ticket online ticket only allows for one person to enter the event. It is forbidden to re-use the ticket. After successful entry to the event, the ticket is no longer valid. The ticket is to be handled like cash or other entry tickets and is to be kept in a safe place.

A Print Your Ticket is clearly marked by its barcode. Its history can be re-traced. It is strongly forbidden to make replicas of the tickets. Furthermore, it is illegal to re-sell tickets to a third party. The organiser holds the right to refuse entry to a visitor who is trying to enter the event without an official ticket from Print Your Ticket and also holds the right to ask for compensation and report the person.
10. Liability
All information about the events that are displayed on the online shop www.printyourticket.de or through artists, event organisers, event locations or other portals that are integrated with Print Your Ticket  have been added by the event organiser. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information. As long as we provide access to other websites with links, we are not responsible for their content.

All demands by customers in relation to damages that the customer made Print Your Ticket aware of are to be made clear to the event organiser. Responsibility for any damage caused by Print Your Ticket is excluded. The demands of a customer for compensation are also excluded.

In the case of injuries to life, body, or health that are due to a breach of duty on behalf of Print Your Ticket, Print Your Ticket will act according to the regulations.
In the case of breaching contractual duties, Print Your Ticket is only liable for contract-typical, foreseeable damage if this was negligently caused, except if it deals with damage claims of the customer where injuries to life, body, or health took place. The regulations of the product liability law remain intact.

11. Data protection
We take the protection of data very seriously. Please learn more about data protection from our data protection regulations.

12. Place of performance and applicable law
Only the right of the German Republic under the exclusion of the UN purchase right is valid (CISG). The only place for delivery, service, and payment is Darmstadt, as long as the customer is a contractor in the sense of i.S.v. § 14 BGB. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting from the contractual relationship between the customer and the Print Your Ticket GmbH shall be the place of the Print Your Ticket GmbH.
We keep the right to call upon every other national and international responsible court.

13. Final Provisions
Print Your Ticket has not reached any vocal or written agreements or has made any commitments at the time of the completion of the order besides the terms and conditions. Should any point of the general terms and regulations become ineffective, the validity of the general terms and conditions and the validity of the contact will not be affected.

Date: 12.01.2015
Hotline: 06073 / 722740
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